6.2 - Detection zone orthogonal to the direction of approach

Last edit: 15/05/2023

The minimum distance to the hazard zone shall be calculated by using the general Equation: 
                                                                                                               S=(K × T)+C

K: 2000 mm/s
C: 8(d-14), but not less than 0
d: is the sensor detection capability of the device, in millimetres [mm]
The minimum value of S shall be 100 mm. 
Where the value for S is > 500 mm, the minimum value of S shall be calculated using K:1600 mm/s.

When the safeguard is used only for the detection of whole body access: 
–    The height of the lowest beam shall be ≤ 300 mm to prevent access under the detection zone. 
–    The height of the uppermost beam shall be ≥ 900 mm to prevent stepping over the detection zone.

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