Machinery Directive

GT Engineering is a consultancy company specialising in the Machinery Directive (2006/42(EC) and CE Marking of Machinery. As well as carrying out risk analysis in accordance with the mandatory legislation, we try to answer all your regulatory questions. That is why we participate in the main technical working groups for the drafting of Machinery legislation, both at international level (IEC and ISO) and North American level (NFPA, UL, B11, CSA). We can also help you with all aspects of directives related to the Machinery Directive, such as Low Voltage (2014/35/EU), ATEX Products (2014/34/EU), Electromagnetic Compatibility (2014/30/EU) and PED (2014/68/EU).
Assembly of Machinery
THE DOUBT: Shall a group of machinery be CE Marked? When can I say a certain group of machinery constitute an Assembly of Machinery and therefore, it must be CE...
Does the Manufacturer responsibility last for 10 years only?
THE DOUBT: Is it true that the machinery manufacturer has responsibility, for the safety of its product, only for 10 years from the moment the machinery h...
Shall Partly Completed Machinery be CE Marked?
THE DOUBT: Shall a partly completed machinery bear the CE marking?   CONSIDERATIONS There is a straight answer most people know and that is: No, it...
Can an Employer CE mark a Machinery or a production line?
THE DOUBT: In the ideal world, Machinery and Production Lines are engineered, manufactured, installed, commissioned and, finally, CE marked by a Manufacturer. E...
Is an assembly without its electrical part a Machinery?
THE DOUBT: Often, machinery manufacturers have both mechanical and electrical or hydraulic competences: therefore they engineer the whole machine, produce it a...
Risk assessement and machinery security
THE DOUBT: what behaviour should be considered when doing a risk assessment for a machinery? CONSIDERATIONS: One of the sentences sometimes used when dealing w...
The Machinery Products Regulation (MPR)
After a few years in the “kitchen”, the first draft of the new machinery directive has seen the light in April 2021. There are 3 entities at Eu...
Substantial modifications
THE DOUBT: What is a Substantial Modification of a Machinery and what are its implications? CONSIDERATIONS:  Until 2021, there was no definition of &quo...
Brexit and UKCA mark
Starting from 1 January 2021, United Kingdom is officially outside of the European Union; the new UKCA mark will substitute CE mark for products placed on marke...
The old and the new approach of EU Legislation
Historically, EU legislation for goods has progressed through four main phases: the traditional approach or ‘Old Approach’ with detailed texts c...
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