GT Engineering Academy

Since more than ten years GT Engineering teaches machine manufacturer Technical Department on how to use the IEC and ISO Standards harmonised to the machinery directive.

We can prepare training on the implication of the Machinery Directive for both manufacturer and user. We can clarify the content of most Technical Standards: from ISO 14118 to ISO 13849-1 from IEC 62061 to IEC 60204-1, and many more, since we are part of the team who wrote those standards.

Our engineers have an electrical background and, as such, we can help your electrical engineers in understanding the difference between an SCCR and an Ultimate Breaking Capacity (Icu); or if an external disconnector is required on all Control Panels, comparing the IEC 60204-1 requirements with the ones to be followed in North America.

We can support your HSE department in understanding how to assess the electrical risk in your company, or we can do electrical safety training in your factory or remotely, using the most common platforms.

If you export machinery to North America, we can organise training sessions on both electrical and Mechanical safety standards: From UL 508A to NFPA 79, from the CE Code to C22.2 N°286, to risk assessment and risk reduction according to the ANSI B11.0 and B11.19.

Our trainings are appreciated for the involvement of the participants, for the practical standpoint we work from and for the fact that we keep monitoring your understanding during the whole session.


Advanced Training on Functional Safety For Machinery
Advanced Training on Functional Safety For Machinery - ISO 13849-1, ISO 13849-2, IEC 62061
EN ISO 13849-1: Functional Safety
The aim of the training is to ensure that the participants are able to read an electrical diagram, in particular as regards the functional safety part.
Electrical Hazard
The aim of the course is to provide the fundamental elements for the assessment of electrical risk in the workplace, with reference to the CEI standards, to the Legislative Decree 81/08, and to the European electrical standard (EN IEC) harmonized wit...
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
The goal of this training is to give a "reference base" in terms of CE marking of machinery and responsibilities.
2014/34/UE ATEX Directive
The objective of the training is to present "the language" used in the ATEX field, both in terms of defining the areas at risk and defining the suitability of the products.
Risk Assessement and Risk Reduction
The scope of the course is the knowledge of the main "mechanical" standards or EN ISO and risk reduction standards, harmonized with the Machinery Directive.
Advanced Training on EN 60204-1
If you want to know more about those standards or if you want to know all ins and outs of the Variuos Verifications and how to perform them, please call us.
Machinery Safety: Lockout Tagout Procedure
The Lockout Tagout methodology is of Anglo-Saxon origin and more exactly is required by the American OSHA.
Advanced Training on UL 508A and the North American Standards
The aim of the course is the design of Electrical Control panels of machinery, in compliance with both the USA and the Canadian tecnical standards.
UL 508A: Industrial Control Panels
GT Engeeniring,as accredited organization for the engineering of North America electrical panels,organises training for Company to be supplied to North Amer

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