9 - Detection zone parallel to the direction of approach

Last edit: 13/07/2023

When the direction of approach is parallel to the detection device, the minimum distance S, in millimeters [mm], shall be calculated using the following equation:


K=1600 [mm/s]
DDS=1200 [mm]
Z is a supplemental distance factor, in [mm]

In addition, the height of the detection zone with respect to the reference plane HD directly related to actual detection capability de of the ESPE must respect the following inequality:

HD ≥ 15∙(de-50)

HD shall neither be less than 0 [mm] nor greater than 1000 [mm]. However, if the height of the detection zone HD from the reference plane is greater than 200 [mm], there is a risk of inadvertentl undetected access below the detection zone.