UL 508A: Industrial Control Panels

Professional Training for Industrial Control Panels with destination USA

Last edit: 03/03/2023

TARGET GROUP: electrical development department

SCOPE: At the end of this training on UL 508A you know how to design Machinery Control Panels in compliance with both USA and Canada Electrical Standards

MAIN STANDARDS: UL 508A: it is the reference standard for the design, engineerigìng and manufacturing of Industrial Control Panel (ICP) in USA.
C22.2 N°286: from Jan 2022 it will be the reference standard for ICP with destination CANADA.
Since a few years, GT Engineering is member of the Standard Technical Panel for UL 508A and member of a few working groups of the CE Code (Canada)


MODULE 1 (8 hours)

  • Machinery Safety: a comparison between Europe and North America on the applicable standards
  • The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Product Certification
  • Electrical Distribution Systems in North America
  • FLA, FLC – Branch vs Feeder
  • Combination Starter Types
  • Suitable Components for Feeder circuits
  • The use of Supplementary Protectors
  • When to use UL 508A and C22.2 N°286
  • Terminal Temperature Limitations
  • Minimum required spacings in branch and control circuits
  • Use of components in the Feeder part of the panel
  • Section 29: Cable assembly inside ICP
  • Section 28: Expected Field Cable assembly
  • Section 30: Disconnect Switches 
  • Section 31: Branch Circuit sizinf and Protection 
  • The Tap Conductors
  • Machine Supply Circuit and Disconnecting Means
  • Protection from Direct Contacts

MODULE 2 (8 hours)

  • How to size a feeder
  • Ampacity calculation inside ICP according to C22.2 N°286
  • CE Code: Rule 4-006
  • Control Circuits
  • Bonding – Size of Terminal or Bonding Conductor
  • Transformer and Power Supply Secondary Grounding
  • Identification of Grounding and Grounded Circuit Conductors and Terminals
  • Enclosures and Accessibility of Live Parts
  • Ventilation Openings
  • Bonding
  • Wire Bending Space
  • Enclosure Environmental Control Devices
  • Power Circuits: Components Type, Sizing, Conductor requirements
  • Circuit breaking: Component Type, Sizing, Setting
  • Combination Motor Controller: Sizing of Motor, Heating loads and Lights
  • Feeder Circuits: Components type and Sizing
  • Power Transformers: Components type and Sizing
  • Control Circuits: Components type and sizing; Low-Voltage Limited Energy Circuits.
  • Components and Panels Marking
  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Calculation of SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating)
  • Tests and Verifications

DURATION: 16 hours

GT Engineering is Member of the UL Standard Technical Panel (STP) for UL 508A; Principal (Special Expert) on the NFPA 79 Technical Committee; Member of WG 4-006 of the CE Code (Canadian Electrical Code C22.1); Member of the ANSI writing subcommittees for B11.0, B11.19, B11.26.


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