UL and CSA Conformity

Electrical Cabinets in confornity with the North American standards

GT Engineering is Principal in the Technical Commeetee of NFPA 79 and Member of the Standard Technical Panel for UL 508A. We are also member of the Working Group WG 4-006, that takes care of the rules for the Ampacity of electrical cables and of the Task Force Voltage Drop/Table D3, that takes care of the protection from indirect contacts of the Canadian Electrical Code . We do consultancy and training on the North American Electrical Standards. We support Machinery Manufacturers in the preparation of the technical file to be submitted for Field Evaluation or Field Certification of their Industrial Control Panels or their Machinery with destination USA or Canada.
Differences beetween FLA and FLC
THE DOUBT: In North America, each motor has two current values: - Full-Load Ampere (FLA) - Full-Load Current (FLC) What are the differences and when are the...
The three legs of North America product Safety
THE DOUBT: is the knowledge of the NEC, or NFPA 70, important when assessing the electrical conformity of my machinery for export to USA? CONSIDERATION 1: When...
What standards to follow in USA and Canada?
THE DOUBT: If you are a machinery manufacturer, you may be lost by the so many standards mentioned when discussing export to USA or Canada. The question yo...
Short-circuit aspects: NEC vs IEC
  There are several differences between the North American and International electrical standards (published by IEC). One of those differences is the way...
Mandatory electrical tests for North America
Manufacturers of industrial control panels to be installed in North America often don't know which electrical tests to submit their products ...
CE Marking of Machineries made in North America
If you are a machinery manufacturer or exporter to the European market you might have assumed that shipping products to Europe was a rather simple ope...
SPDs in Industrial Control Panels
Are SPDs mandatory in Industrial Control Panels? A debated subject both in North America and Europe. ...
Switchgears, Switchboards and Motor Control Centers: what are the differences?
Switchgears and switchboards are intended to ensure the power distribution to other devices, boards and panels. Although these cabinets are different, they are ...
NEC and the GFCI
A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is the American equivalent of the High Sensitivity Differential protection or "Salva Vita" in Italian. It detects if the current is flowing where it should not (ground fault) and shuts off the power. It trigg...
Machinery Safety in Canada
The Technical Norm Z432-04 specifies requirements for design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation, and safeguarding of industrial equipment...
Machinery Safety in USA
All about OSHA:the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) that passed in 1970 to provide safe and healthy working conditions for Industrial USA Companies
IEC 60364 vs NEC
The world of electrical installations is not always straightforward. Working on an international project electrical engineers are often bewildered by the ...
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