Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Mitigation

Article 80 of D.Lgs 81/08 and the methodology of NFPA 70E and the IEEE 1584 algorithm

GT Engineering performs analyses of Electrical Hazard based on what is required by the Article 80 of D.Lgs 81/08. We consider both the hazard of direct and indirect contacts and the arc flash hazard, using the methodology of NFPA 70E and the IEEE 1584 algorithm.
Fault Protection and the Fault Loop
The Doubt: How to protect people from electric shocks?
Spare capacity in Industrial Control Panels
The Doubt: In an Industrial Control Panel, is it required to leave a certain Spare capacity for “future” development?
Is IEC 61439-1 applicable to Industrial Control Panels?
The doubt: in order to CE mark an Industrial Control Panel, shall I follow the prescriptions given by IEC 61439-1?
Double Bonding
THE DOUBT We sometimes notice electric motors having a double bonding. Is it mandatory?
Six key symbols for Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety is well standardized, in the sense that there are may technical documents written on the Subject, normally by the  International Electrotechnical Commission, or IEC.
Contactors used in Safety Applications
There are three types of contactors used in Safety-related control Systems:
What has to be bonded, according to the NEC?
THE DOUBT: What is the rule to be followed in order to decide what has to be connected to a PE cable? What shall be Grounded and what shall be Bonded? We c...
What has to be bonded?
Bonding, Earthing and Grounding, what is the difference?
THE DOUBT: What is the difference between Bonding, Earthing and Grounding? Is the motor frame grounded or bonded? ...
Is the simbology defined by IEC 81346-2 compulsory?
IEC 81346-2 Standard: compulsory symbology and codes? ...
Seven reasons to Bond or Earth a metallic part
THE DOUBT: Why a metal part has to be connected to a PE (Protection Earth) cable? CONSIDERATIONS: There are 7 reasons why a piece of metal has to be bond...
Exposed Conductive part and grounding
  THE DOUBT In the design of the electrical system, how can I distinguish which of the metal parts is an exposed conductive part? Is bonding all meta...
EN 60204-1: Is it possible to delegate safety aspects to the users?
  THE DOUBT Can the machinery manufacturer require the user to install a Fuse or a Circuit Breaker to protect its Electrical Equipment? Can he require th...
EN 60204-1: Is it possible to delegate safety aspects to the users?