EN ISO 13855: Positioning of safeguards

Last edit: 13/07/2023

The new edition of EN ISO 13855 “Safety of machinery – Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach of the human body” will be published in 2023, replacing the 2010 edition.

This is a Type B technical standard concerning the positioning and sizing of safeguards based on the approach of the human body or its parts to the hazardous area that needs to be protected, in order to ensure timely detection of access to that area.

The types of safeguards considered by the standard include:

  • Electro-sensitive protective devices (Optical Barriers and Laser Scanners)
  • Pressure-sensitive protective devices (Mats and Sensitive Floors)
  • Two-hand control devices
  • Single-command devices
  • Interlocking devices without guard locking
  • Pressure-sensitive edges and bumpers

The objective of the standard is to assess the appropriate positioning of the mentioned safeguards, based on the safety distances related to the hazards associated with the machine under study.