NA 3: Advanced training on North American standards

Last edit: 18/09/2023

TARGET GROUP: electrical department of machinery manufacturers

SCOPE: The aim of the course is the design of Electrical Control panels of machinery, in compliance with both the USA and the Canadian Technical Standards. Hereafter the three standards we will discuss during the training:

  • NEC or NFPA 70, now in its 2023 edition. It is the reference standard for electrical safety in the United States.
  • NFPA 79: inspired by EN 60204-1 and which deals with the construction of the switchboard and especially the characteristics of the  machine’s control panels. GT Engineering participates in the working group of the new edition that will see the light in 2024.
  • UL 508A: The standard for the design, construction and certification of Industrial Control Panels of machinery in USA. We are member of the Standard Technical Panel.
  • The Canadian Electrical Code or C22.1. is the reference standard for electrical safety in Canada.
  • C22.2 N301, The reference standard for the electrical installation outside the control panel. It is the equivalento of NFPA 79.
  • C 22.2 N°286Since January 2022 it is the reference standard for Industrial Control Panels to be imported into Canada. The latest edition is June 2023.

CONTENT: Professional training on US and Canadian regulations for electrical panels of machinery.

DURATION: 28 hours. Of which 24 hours of training, that can be done in presence or remotely (TEAMS). The remaining 4 hours, in remote, are for the test correction and to answer questions that may have arisen in the days after the training.


MODULE 1 + MODULE 2 + MODULE 3 (total of 20 Hours)

MODULE 4 (4 Hours)

  • Field Cable Sizing according to the NEC
  • Example of cable sizing in RMC
  • Cable Trays filling rules in USA (NEC Art. 392)
  • Ampacity in Open Cable Trays
  • Ampacity in Wireways
  • CE Code: Field Cable sizing
  • Cable Maximum Temperature
  • Key Tables to be used
  • Cables vs Conductors
  • Rule 4-006
  • Rule 8-104
  • Cable Sizing in Cable Trays
  • Cable Sizing in Cable Wireways