Harmonised European Standards

Risk Assessment, Functional Safety and Emergency Stop

ISO 13577-4. INDUSTRIAL FURNACES - Protective Systems
ISO 13577 is the series of standards, at international level, that give prescriptions on how to design a safe Industrial Furnace. In Europe, so far, we follow...
EN 14753: continuous casting of steel
Today’s standard dates back to December 2008. Time to renew it? Yes! In March 2022 a new edition of the standard was published by CEN and i...
ISO 14118: Prevention of Unexpected Start Up
Keeping a machine in a stopped condition while persons are present in danger zones is one of the most important conditions of the safe use of machinery and...
EN ISO 11161: Integrated Machinery System (IMS)
EN ISO 11161: Integration of machinery into a system
EN ISO 13855: Positioning of safeguards
The EN ISO 13855:2010 Standard, published in May 2010, replaces the European Standard EN 999:1998+A1: 2008.  This is a technical standard type-B regarding ...
ISO/TR 24119: Fault Masking and Diagnostic Coverage
ISO/TR 24119 is a Technical Report published for the first time in November 2015 with the title "Safety of machinery — Evaluation of fault masking se...
EN ISO 14122-4: Fixed ladders
Guidelines for choosing the type of staircase based on the available space, and as in previous versions, the spaces that must be respected are defined.
EN ISO 14120: design and construction of fixed and movable guards
The EN ISO 14120 Standard, published in October 2015, replaces the European standard EN 953:1997+A1:2009.  This is a technical standard of type-B regarding...
EN ISO 13857: Safety Distances
The EN ISO 13857 standard, which was published in March 2008, replaces the previous EN 294: 1993 and EN 811: 1998 standards and it is currently under revision i...
EN ISO 13849-1: Functional Safety of Machinery
The topic of EN 13849-1, introduced on October 2006, is the reliability of safety systems, replacing the previous EN 954-1. The field of application of EN 13849...
EN ISO 14122-3: Stairs
EN ISO 14122-3, published at European level in June 2016 and adopted at Italian level in October 2016, replaces the previous EN ISO 14122-3:2010 standard and re...
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