GT - Engineering

GT Engineering is a Consulting Company, specialised in Risk Assessement and Risk Reduction of Machineries, according to European Directive 2006/42/EC and North American Laws and Regulations.

Our approach is not only the respect of the European Technical Standards, but also the search for the best Technical Solution that guarantees safety, productivity, usability and maintenance.
GT Engineering has expertise in different Industries: from Rolling Mills to Continuous Casting Machines; from Industrial Furnaces to Transfer Machines; from Textile Machines to Sputtering Systems.

GT Engineering is a leading electrical engineering company with expertise in Electrical Power Production and Distribution. We support leading Cogeneration Manufacturers in developing their products and installations all over the world.
Since several years we provide technical support to companies exporting to USA and Canada. In that region the standards are not issued by the "familiar" IEC and CENELEC, but by NFPA, UL, ANSI, CSA, just to mention the main ones.

Part of both Consulting and Training is the Classification of Areas where flammable Gas or Dust hazards may arise. It's the Directive 99/92/EC and the standards are the EN 60079-10 serie.
We provide Techical Support to manufacturers who work in ATEX areas, with the knowledge of the new Directive 2014/34/EU and the Technical Standards of the EN 60079-xx serie.


GT Engineering is active inside European and North American Technical Committees related to the machinery safety, Functional Safety, Industrial Furnaces Safety and ATEX.

  • Member of the Technical Committee IEC/TC44 MT 60204-1 for IEC 60204-1: Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines.
  • Member of the Technical Committee TC 44/MT 62061 for IEC 62061: Safe control systems for machinery
  • Member of the Technical Committee TC 44/PT 62061-2 for IEC 62061-2: Guidelines on safe control systems for machinery
  • Member of the Technical Committee TC 65/SC 65A/MT 61511 for IEC 61511: Functional safety - Safety instrumented systems for the process industry
  • Member of the Technical Committee TC 65/SC 65A/MT 61508-1-2 for IEC 61508: Maintenance of IEC 61508-1, -2, -4, -5,-6 and 7
  • Member of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 199, CEN/TC 114 for the A and B Machinery Technical Standards, among which ISO 13855 ; ISO 13849-1 ; ISO 11161 and ISO 14119
  • Member of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 299, WG3 for the Safety Applications of Robots and Cobots
  • Member of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 244, CEN/TC 186 for the Safety of Industrial Furnaces (EN 746-2 and ISO 13577-2 and -4)
  • Member of the CEN/TC 305 For Potentially explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and protection
  • Member of CEN/TC 33/WG 5 “Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates”
  • Member of the UL Standard Technical Panel (STP) for UL 508A
  • Principal (Special Expert) on the NFPA 79 Technical Committee.
  • Member of WG 4-006 of the CE Code (Canadian Electrical Code C22.1)
  • Member of the ANSI writing subcommittees for B11.0, B11.19, B11.26.

We provide in-depth Training on all Disciplines for which we do Consulting. Probably, we are appreciated mostly for the pragmatism and the Problem Solving Approach.