Machinery Safety

Risk Assessement and Risk Reduction of Machines

GT Engineering is specialised in the risk Assessement and risk Reduction of Machines, Production Lines and Processes. They performed several risk Analysis of Continuous Casting Machines, Rolling Mills, and Electric Arc Furnaces. We work very close with Transfer Machine Manufacturers and, in general, Assembly Machine Producers. We have experience in very different Industries: from Textile to Laser Cutting to Sputtering processes used in the semiconductor sector. We regularly participate to the Technical Commettes liased with CENELEC and CEN, responsible for publication of the main Machinery Safety Technical Standards.
The Modular Approach
The doubt: in order to CE mark my distribution panel, shall I do EMC tests?
The Seven Golden Rules for a successful Risk assessment and Risk Reduction
There are about 700 harmonised standards to the machinery directive. Few of them, like ISO 12100, are about the risk assessment; the majority are about how to reduce the risk.
Direct Opening Action
The electrical output of an interlocking device has two types of technologies
The importance of layout analysis in risk assessment
EN ISO 11161 is the reference standard regarding the safety of the Integrated Machinery System (which henceforth in the article will be simply called IMS). The...
The concept of SPAN-OF-CONTROL
The standard ISO 11161 of May 2007 introduces the concept of span of control, which identifies the predetermined portion of a machine under control of a specifi...
TABRA: A task based approach to risk assessement in Machinery
When applying ISO 12100 we tend to focus on the hazards that result form situations an operator or the maintenance team can incur to, while in North America the...
FMEA, FMECA and FMEDA, what are the differences?
THE DOUBT: The terms FMEA and FMECA may be common among component manufacturers, however the term FMEDA is only known in case the manufacturer has safety compo...
ISO 3691-4 : 2020
ISO 3691-4:2020 is the type-C standard of driverless industrial trucks. Examples of driverless industrial trucks (trucks of ISO 5053-1) can also be known as: &l...
ISO 3691-4 : 2020
The Naked Machinery
When doing a risk assessment of a Machinery, regardless whether you are using ISO 12100 or B11.0, you need to use the concept of the naked machinery. If you ar...
The Naked Machinery
Is it mandatory to give the Instruction Handbook of a machinery in papery format?
THE DOUBT By working everyday together with manufacturers of machineries, we get frequentily asked the question "is it mandatory to give to our customer t...
Machinery Directive
Is it mandatory to give the Instruction Handbook of a machinery in papery format?
How an ISO standard is developed?
A new ISO standard has to go through six maturity stages: (10) PROPOSAL STAGE: we are at the very beginning: the very first document is called new work item pr...