11 - Controlgear: location, mounting, and enclosures

Last edit: 05/05/2023

Chapter 11 of the Standard describes controlgear

The Manufacturer shall mount all controlgear in such a mode to facilitate: 

–    its accessibility and maintenance; 
–    its protection against the external influences or conditions under which it is intended to operate;
–    operation and maintenance of the machine and its associated equipment. 

The Manufacturer is allowed to mount only devices for operating, indicating, measuring and cooling on doors or on access covers of enclosures. 

Non-electrical parts and devices, not directly associated with the electrical equipment, shall not be located within enclosures containing controlgear. Devices such as solenoid valves should be separated from the other electrical equipment. 

Moreover, the Manufacturer shall separate terminal into groups for: 

–    power circuits;
–    control circuits of the machine;
–    other control circuits, fed from external sources. 

The groups may be mounted adjacently, provided that each group can be readily identified.