17 - Technical documentation

Last edit: 28/06/2023

Chapter 17 of the Standard provides prescription about the technical documentation.

The Manufacturer shall provide the necessary information for identification, transport, installation, use, maintenance, decommissioning and disposal of the electrical equipment.
In particular, the Standard requires that the Manufacture provides:







a)    A main document for the electrical equipment as a whole, listing the complementary documents associated with the electrical equipment;
b)    Identification of the electrical equipment;
c)    Information on installation and mounting;
d)    An instruction for the connection of simultaneously accessible extraneous-conductive-parts in the vicinity of the machine such as the following to the protective bonding circuit;
e)    Information on the functioning and operation;
f)    Information on maintenance of the electrical equipment;
g)    Information on handling, transportation and storage as appropriate;
h)    Information for proper disassembly and handling of components.