4.6: Portable operator control stations

Emergency stop functions on portable operator control stations

Last edit: 25/07/2023

Emergency stop functions on portable operator control stations

4.6.1 The effect of unplugging and plugging in of detachable operator control station(s) shall be considered in the risk assessment.

When emergency stop devices are installed on cableless operator control station, at least one emergency stop device shall be permanently available on the machine. The standard does NOT require that, if the button goes into Stand-by, the emergency stop function is automatically activated.

To avoid confusion between active and inactive devices, al least one of the following measures shall be applied:

  • Device colour changing through illumination of  the active emergency stop device;
  • Automatic covering of inactive emergency stop devices; where this is not practicable, manually applied covering can be used, provided that the cover remains attached to the operator control stations;
  • Provision of proper storage for detached or cableless operator control stations.

Which of the measures listed has been applied and the correct operation of this measure shall be explained in the instructions for use of the machine.



Rearming of the emergency stop on portable control stations

If the span of control is not visible and there are areas of the machine that are not observable from the point where the portable operator control station is used, once the emergency stop condition is activated, to disable it the emergency stop actuator shall be disangaged on the portable control station but also one or more additional fixed devices near the machine.