News introduced in the November 2015 version

Differences from the previous version (June 2008)

Last edit: 25/07/2023

There are many new features in the new version of the standard. Here's the detail.

1) Addition of terms and definitions such as:

  • emergency stop equipment: Safety-related parts of a control system which perform the emergency stop function.
  • span of control of emergency stop device(s): Predetermined section of the machinery under control of specific emergency stop device(s).
  • protective shroud: Mechanical measure provided to reduce the possibility of unintended actuation of an emergency stop device.
  • emergency situation: Hazardous situation needing to be urgently ended or averted.
  • operator control station: Assembly of one or more control actuators fixed on the same panel or located in the same enclosure.

2) The use of emergency buttons with protective shroud is discouraged, however they remain allowed  (paragraph 4.5.).

3) The minimum level of reliability of the Emergency function is defined as Performance Level c (paragraph 4.1.5). 

4) Removable or cableless operator control stations are treated (paragraph 4.6). 

5) Addition of paragraph 4.1.2 dedicated to the span of control of emergency stop device(s).

6) Addition of paragraph 4.1.4 relative to the disangagement (reset) of the emergency stop device.

7) Section 4.3.7 concerning emergency devices specifies that neither the actuator nor the background should be labeled with text or symbols.