EN ISO 10218-1 Safety requirements for industrial robots

Last edit: 14/07/2023

EN ISO 10218-1 was published in July 2011 by Technical Committee ISO/TC 184 in cooperation with Technical Committee CEN/TC 310.
It is a type C technical standard, which only covers industrial robots. However, the safety principles established by this standard can be used for other types of robots.

With the strong development of the sector, the working group is now ISO/TC 299, Robotics.

The purpose of the standard is to specify requirements, safe design guidelines, protective measures and information for the use of robots in an industrial environment. It also describes the basic hazards associated with robots and provides requirements to eliminate or adequately reduce the risks associated with these hazards.

In the following paragraphs, we will see how the standard deals with the most crucial aspects of robot safety, namely the performance of the safety-related control system, the stop function, speed control and limiting the robot handling space.