Risk evaluation

Scelta delle misure di protezione adeguate per la riduzione o eliminazione dei rischi

Last edit: 11/08/2023

Risk Evaluation is used to determine whether risk reduction is necessary by applying protection measures.

The aim of this phase is to determine whether there are additional Hazardous situations, as well as to verify that the protection measures chosen for risk reduction do not create new hazard or increase other risks.

When risk protection/reduction measures are applied as a result of the risk assessment, a new iteration of the risk assessment should be carried out by following the steps described above to verify its effectiveness in risk reduction.

During the risk evaluation is useful to consult the requirements set by the specific standars for a machine (Type C Standards).

During the the risk assessment, it is good to prioritise hazardous situations with a higher risk, making a more detailed risk estimation.

The following is an example of a matrix for Risk Evaluation.

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