- The Ventilation

Last edit: 13/07/2023

The ventilation is a fundamental aspect for the ATEX Standard because the likelihood of the presence of an explosive gas atmosphere depends mainly on the grade of release and the ventilation.

In the paragraph of the standard the requested characteristic of the ventilation system are listed as following:

"Spray booths shall be designed to prevent escape of air containing vapours, aerosols or coating powder to avoid generation of an atmosphere with hazardous concentrations of materials in the workshop.

Exhaust air from spray booths for liquid coating material shall be discharged to atmosphere.

External air intake and exhaust ducts shall be designed and positioned to avoid recirculation of polluted air. The dominant wind direction at the site of installation shall be taken into account.

The filter media of the powder recovery system shall ensure that the residual powder concentration in air recirculated into the building is below 10 % of exposure limits."