EN 746-2 - Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment

Last edit: 03/03/2023

The standards of the UNI EN 746 series contain the requirements for the safe design and construction of industrial thermoprocessing equipment. The full list of these standards is given below:

Part 1: Common safety requirements for industrial thermoprocessing equipment;

Part 2: Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems;

Part 3: Safety requirements for the generation and use of atmosphere gases;

Part 4: Particular safety requirements for hot dip galvanising thermoprocessing equipment;

Part 5: Particular safety requirements for salt bath thermoprocessing equipment;

Part 6: Particular safety requirements for material melting, re-melting and liquid phase maintenance thermoprocessing equipment;

Part 7: Particular safety requirements for vacuum thermoprocessing equipment;

Part 8: Particular safety requirements for quenching equipment.

In particular, the Standard EN 746-2, published in May 2011, by Technical Committee CEN / TC 186 replaces the previous version of 1997.
This is technical standard of type C. This part of EN 746 together EN 746-1 specifies safety requirements for single and multiple burners that are part of industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment (IThE).

It deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to combustion and fuel handling systems that are part of IThE, when used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by manufacturer.

The standard also gives the necessary requirements for the information for use. The standard applies to any oxidation with air or other gases containing free oxygen of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels or any combustion of them to release thermal energy.

The StandardISO 13577-2 "Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment – Safety generation and use of protective and reactive atmosphere gases" applies to the same equipment as EN 746-2. As an ISO standard, it applies worldwide, its annexes meet separate requirements for Europe, United States and Japan.

NOTE: CEN is working to transfer the ISO 13577 standard to the European EN 746 standard in order to have a European standard in line with the International standard. In this way, the committee wants to minimize the differences between ISO and CEN standards.

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