Where the IEC 60364 standard is applicable

Last edit: 29/06/2023

The standard is designed having in mind “premises” (the land and all facilities including buildings belonging to it) and it is not directly applicable to machinery; however, the machinery standard IEC 60204-1 often refers to it.

It applies to the design, erection and verification of electrical installations such as those of: 







  1. residential premises;
  2. commercial premises;
  3. public premises;
  4. industrial premises;
  5. agricultural and horticultural premises;
  6. prefabricated buildings;
  7. caravans, caravan sites and similar sites;
  8. construction sites, exhibitions, fairs and other installations for temporary purposes;
  9. marinas;
  10. external lighting and similar installations;
  11. medical locations;
  12. mobile or transportable units;
  13. photovoltaic systems;
  14. low-voltage generating sets.