5 - Selection of the Method to use

Last edit: 11/08/2023

There are multiple factors that influence the choice of the standard to use. Under here it’s reported a diagramm (taken from the standard itself) that outlines in a simple way the process of choice of the standard.

Parameters to consider

Some parameters to take in consideration because they influence the correct choiche of the method to use are:

  • The existence of a relevant noise test code or procedure making reference to one or more basic standards;
  • The kind of sound power level desired i.e. the total radiated airborne sound power level or only that portion caused by radiated structural vibrations;
    The type of sound power level desired;
  • The grade of accuracy desired;
  • The measurement environment to be used for the test, toghether with the size and trasportability of the source under test that determine the ptacticability of setting up and operating the source in an acoustical test laboratory.
  • The background noise level;
  • The character of the noise produced by the source;
  • The acoustical instrumentations available;
  • Further acoustical informations desired;

The standard reports some tables that give a more precise overview on the aspects taken in consideration from every standard.

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