CAP 6: Step ladder

Last edit: 26/07/2023

In accordance with EN ISO 14122-1, the increase in slope of the fixed connection (45°-75°) requires the transition from the simple stair to the step ladder. The references shown for stairs remains valid, but there are changes to the limitations of individual values [14122-3:2016 – § 6]:

1.    The overlap ("r") minimum value changes from 10 mm to 0 mm.
2.    The recommended width value ("w") is 600 mm, and have to be always between 500 and 800 mm.
3.    The maximum height value (“H”) for single flight is reduced from 4000 to 3000 mm.
4.    The maximum and minimum values of h change in function of the slope (see Table below), with distinction between first step h1 and subsequent h2.

The standard specifies that the values provided are valid for single-flight step ladder, further safety measures are necessary in case of multi-flight step ladder.

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