EN ISO 13854: Minimum Gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body


Last edit: 25/07/2023

In September 2019 the EN ISO 13854 was published. It replaces the previous standard EN 349:2008.

This standard is part of the approach, in place since several years now in the Machinery Directive, to discuss new standards only at International level (ISO or IEC) and, once approved, adopt them at European level.

The standard falls in the B1 category that is the group of standards which deals with a specific aspect of security: in this case, the security aspect dealt is the minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body.


Crushing Zone

Zone in which the human body or parts of the human body are exposed to a crushing hazard.

This hazard will be generated if:

  • Two movable parts are moving towards one another, or
  • One movable part is moving towards a fixed part.


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