IEC 60364-5-53: Protection against Electric Shock and Fire

Last edit: 06/05/2024

While part 4 of the IEC 60364 deals with the principles of electrical Safety, Part 5 provides the design criteria.

In particular, Part 53 has deals with the following key aspects:

  • 531: Equipment for protection against electric shock. It details the 4 key methods used to protect people against an electric shock
  • 533: Devices for protection against overcurrent. It deals how to protect against Overloads and short circuits.
  • 534: Devices for protection against transient overvoltages. It details the use of SPDs.
  • 536: Isolation and switching. It details which devices are suitable for isolation. Please remember that ISOLATION is more that simple DE-ENERGISATION of a circuit!

IEC 60364-5-53 clause 531 Equipment for protection against electric shock

Clause 531 deals with requirements for the selection and erection of equipment for the following protective measures in accordance with IEC 60364-4-41:

  • automatic disconnection of supply,
  • double or reinforced insulation,
  • electrical separation,
  • extra-low-voltage provided by SELV and PELV systems.

It also deals with requirements for the selection and erection of equipment for additional protection

In case the automatic disconnection of supply is used, they have to be placed at the origin of the circuit which is intended to be protected and must be suitable for isolation.

The following protective devices may be used:

– overcurrent protective devices like Circuit Breakers or Fuses

– residual current protective devices (RCDs)

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