IEC 62061: The new edition 2021

Last edit: 02/08/2023

The second edition of IEC 62061 was published on the 22nd of March 2021. The work for the new edition started in early 2016.

Some years before, a working group was established, with the assignment of writing one common standard (called ISO/IEC 17305) for Functional Safety, combining ISO 13849-1 and ISO 62061. Unfortunately, the new standard did not see the light.

When the MT 62061 (maintenance team as they are call it in IEC) met the for first time, they decided that the results of that that work should be the starting point for the new edition of the IEC 62061. The result is that the two standards are now aligned as ever before, despite differences still exist.

For example, two new Informative annexes were added:

  • Annex C: on examples of MTTFD values for components
  • Annex E: Examples of Diagnostic Coverage

The other important aspect is that the new edition is applicable to Pneumatic and Hydraulic Safety Systems as well. Finally!

The standard started with the intention to include Low Demand. That is an important subject since in Machinery Low Demand Safety loops are found more that we may think. Unfortunately, in 2020 that part was removed; we will explain the reason in other articles we will write for you.

Despite that, IEC 62061 is now very well written and its application will now increase. More details are found here.

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