The minimum requirements for the health and safety of workers

Last edit: 09/05/2023

Legislative Decree 81/08 Art.290 on the assessment of explosion risks, states that:

In fulfilling the obligations set out in Article 17, paragraph 1, the employer shall assess the specific risks arising from explosive atmospheres, taking into account at least the following elements:

(a) likelihood and duration of the presence of explosive atmospheres;

(b) the likelihood that ignition sources, including electrostatic discharges, will be present and become active and effective

(c) characteristics of the plant, substances used, processes and their possible interactions

(d) the extent of foreseeable effects;

The purpose of Directive 99/92/EC is to provide the minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres.


In order to manage the explosion hazard, a risk analysis must be carried out so that the appropriate safety measures can be taken. The steps to be taken are as follows

– Hazard identification

– Classification into zones (known as ATEX zones)

– Identification of ignition sources

– Extent of foreseeable effects

– Safety measures (prevention, protection, organisational-management measures)

– Risk assessment and safety measures programme

The sign shown in the figure is affixed to entrances to work areas where potentially explosive atmospheres are present.