Last edition of EN IEC 60079-10-1

Last edit: 03/08/2023

In December 2021 the new edition of EN IEC 60079-10-1 has been published. All standards that conflict with EN IEC 60079-10-1:2021 must be withdrawn by 22/01/2024.

Hereafter are the main changes compared to the previous edition:

• The exclusion from the scope of application for low pressure combustible gases is no longer present in art.1. This aspect is now reported in art. 5.3.2. Basically, nothing has changed.

• The definition of “NE” is more complex and includes:

– Limitations for the explosion pressure

– Limitations for the heat emitted during the explosion

– For gases with pressures above 10 barg a risk assessment is required

– For gases with pressures above 20 barg, NE should not be applied unless a detailed risk assessment allows it

The minimum speed to be taken for indoor environments (set by the 2nd Ed. at 0.05 m/s) has been removed

The safety factor k is no longer present in the calculation of the release characteristic used in figure D.1; then, standard allows for a less conservative approach.

• Formulas C.2 to C.6 for the calculation of air flow rates have been modified

The minimum hazardous distances shown in nomogram D.1 are fixed to 1 m

The equation of evaporation rate from a pool has been corrected

• The determination of the hazardous distances is no longer feasible using the nomogram for indoor environments at low and medium dilution

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