Z432: Safeguarding of Machinery

Z432: Safeguarding of Machinery

Safeguarding of Machinery

Last update 05/01/2022

Z432: Safeguarding of Machinery

On October 25, 2016, the third edition of Canadian Standard Z432 on safeguarding of machinery was published. 

It is the reference Standard for the Assessment and Reduction of Risk due to hazards of mechanical nature. Inside this Standard there is also a set of regulations inspired by EN ISO technical Standards.  

For the first time, the use of EN ISO13849 for the functional safety of control systems is made official.

Moreover, additional Annex material has been added to provide a technical guidance for users and allowable minimum (safe) distances have been changed to allow for the use of CAN/CSA-ISO 13857.


Safety in Collaborative Robotics

There is no “Collaborative Robot”. That is one of the first statements you hear from people working in Collaborative Robotics. The reason is because the robot can be designed for a collaborative task, but it is the Application that makes the “Robot Collaborative”. The reference standard for Collaborative Application is  ISO/TS 15066:2016 - ROBOTS AND ROBOTIC DEVICES -- COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS Not only for the unfortunate title, the standard will be included in the new edition of 2 important standards on Robots: ISO 10218-1: Robotics — Safety requirements for robot systems in an industrial envir