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Academy / EN ISO 13849-1: Functional Safety

EN ISO 13849-1: Functional Safety

Training (also on skype) about Functional Safety for Machineries

Puzzled on how to make a Category 2 PL d safety system?
You do not know how to make the proper calculations required by EN 13849-1?
Not clear how what is a Fault Masking or how to cope with it (ISO TR 24119)?
Best Is to have a training from us. 

TARGET GROUP: electrical and mechanical department.

SCOPE: The aim of the training is to ensure that the participants are able to read an electrical diagram, in particular as regards the functional safety part. In other words, participants will be shown how, starting from the electrical diagram, it is possible to define the block diagram of the command part related to safety.


The main topics covered are listed below:

  • Basic concepts on control circuits with safety functions: UNI EN ISO 13849-1: 2016 and UNI EN ISO 13849-2: 2013;
  • Safety functions;
  • Determination of the required performance levels (PLr);
  • Estimation of the performance levels achieved (PL);
  • Examples of estimation of the PL for control circuits having safety functions;
  • Reset as a safety function;
  • EN ISO 14119: Table 3 and implications for machinery manufacturers;
  • Reading of an electrical diagram and "translation" in block diagrams of safety functions;
  • Main pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical architectures;
  • Practical examples taken from real machines;


DURATION: 8 hours


GT Engineering is a member of ISO TC 199 for machinery safety and is participating, internationally, in the drafting of the text of the new edition of both ISO 13849-1 and ISO 14119