Cobot - Collaborative Robots


Collaborative Robots

GT Engineering is specialized in CE marking of Integrted Machinery Systems and of Collaborative Robotic applications (COBOT).

GT Engineering is a member of the ISO TC 199 and ISO TC 299 technical committees that write the standards for robotic systems. In the current revision of the ISO 10218-1 and -2, the topic of Collaborative Robotics is being discussed: the new editions will include the requirements for collaborative applications contained in the ISO TS 15066.

We work with both manufacturers and users of Cobot and Collaborative Robots.

Safety in Collaborative Robotics
There is no “Collaborative Robot”. That is one of the first statements you hear from people working in Collaborative Robotics. The reason is because the robot can be designed for a collaborative task, but it is the Application that makes the “Robot Collaborative”. The reference standard for Collaborative Application is  ISO/TS 15066:2016 - ROBOTS AND ROBOTIC DEVICES -- COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS Not only for the unfortunate title, the standard will be included in the new edition of 2 important standards on Robots: ISO 10218-1: Robotics — Safety requirements for robot systems in an industrial environment — Robots ISO 10218-2: Robotics — Safety requirements for robot systems in an industrial environment — Robot systems and integration In September 2019 both standards were at CD Stage. They now fully include requirements for Collaborative Applications. For example in ISO 10218-1: 5.14 Requirements for robots having safety functions to enable collaborative applications There are four impo