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Academy / UL 508A, USA and Canadian Standards

UL 508A, USA and Canadian Standards

Professional Formation about USA and Canada Standards for Electrical Panels

TARGET GROUP: electrical department of machinery manufacturers

SCOPE: The aim of the course is the design of machine board panels in compliance with UL 508A, NFPA 79 (United States). There will also be references to NFPA 70 and the Canadian Electrical Code.

  •     NEC or NFPA 70, now in its 2020 edition. It is the reference standard for electrical safety in the United States. It is now working on the 2023 edition.
  •     NFPA 79: inspired by EN 60204-1 and which deals with the construction of the switchboard and especially the characteristics of the  machine's control panels. GT Engineering participates in the working group of the new edition that will see the light in 2021.
  •     UL 508A: The standard for the design, construction and certification of Industrial Control Panels of machinery in USA. We are member of the Standard Technical Panel which works on the next edition.
  •     C22.1 o Canadian Electrical Code Parte 1. It is the reference standard for electrical safety in Canada. It has the same prescriptive approach as the NEC, with several differences. GT is a member of the 4-006 working group on electrical cable sizing.
  •     C22.2 N°14, C 22.2 N°286 , C22.2 N301, Canadian regulations, from a certain point of view, similar to UL 508A.
  •     C22.2 N04 for the grounding rules. Also in this case a different approach from the European one.

CONTENT: Professional training on US and Canadian regulations for electrical panels of machinery.

  • The Electrical standards in the USA: NEC, NFPA 79, UL508A.
  • Confront between USA and Europa.
  • Neutral earthing systems in Europe and the USA.
  • The standard EN 60204-1 compared to NFPA 79
  • Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Systems in the USA
  • Motor Starters according to IEC and NEMA standards.
  • Product Certification: CE Markings vs. Listed products
  • Line arrival and main switch disconnector
  • Definition of Feeder, Branch and Control Circuits.
  • Short Circuit and methodology of the Annex SB of UL 508A.
  • Circuit Breakers and switch disconnector.
  • Branch Circuits: definition and description of the various types of motor starter.
  • Sizing of Branch and Feeder circuits.
  • Control Circuits
  • The Certificates of Conformity of the listed products
  • Type of cables that can be used for panels and on the machines.
  • Sizing of the cables and colouring.
  • Types of enclosures and comparisons with European IPs.
  • Field wiring and their sizing: comparison between the IEC, NEC and Canadian CE Code methodology.

DURATION: 16 hours


GT Engineering is a member of the Standard Technical Panel for UL 508A, is Principal for NFPA 79 and a member of Task Force 4-006 for CE Code cable sizing.