GT Engineering Academy

GT Engineering Academy
Academy / 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive

2006/42/CE Machinery Directive

TARGET GROUP: Health and Safety Officers.

SCOPE: The goal of this training is to give a "reference base" in terms of CE marking of machinery and responsibilities.

CONTENTS: One of the main legislations governing the harmonisation of essential health and safety requirements for machinery at EU level is the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

The topics covered will be the basic principles of the Machinery Directive (Machines, Partly completed machinery, Annex V 81/08, responsibilities) and the main "Mechanical" Standards.

Here are the topics in detail:

  • Machinery Directive: Machines
  • Machinery Directive: Partly completed machinery
  • Machinery Directive: Annex V 81/08
  • Machinery Directive: Liability
  • EN ISO 14119 standard
  • EN ISO 13855 standard
  • Introduction to the EN ISO 13849 standard
  • EN ISO 14850 standard
  • Lockout-Tagout and EN 14118
  • EN 4414 standard - pneumatic
  • EN ISO 13857 standard
  • EN 415-10 standard
  • Introduction to robotic systems (EN ISO 11161 and EN ISO 10218-2)
  • Risk analysis methodology and risk form compilation
  • EN ISO 14122 standard


DURATION: 8 hours


GT Engineering is a member of ISO TC 199, an international technical committee that deals with the development of type A (ISO 12100) and B standards harmonized with the Machinery Directive, including ISO 14119 and ISO 13849, both under review.
The company is also a member of the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) technical committees B11.0 and B11.19, the first section deals with the risk analysis methodology and the second deals with risk reduction. Both standards are in revisione and will be published, probabily, by the end of 2019.